Meet the Characters

From Shelby to DJ Baley, get to know the people of Pine Valley!

Shelby Haygood
(Sarah Lancaster)

Now in her 30s, Shelby Haygood has matured into a determined, resolute, business woman. She’s proud of her heritage and works diligently to keep her family’s historic Smokey Mountain berry farm afloat in uncertain times. She’s ambitious and may come across a bit hardened, having had her heart broken at a young age, but beneath her no-nonsense exterior is a sentimental, vulnerable woman. She is resigned to being single, and it will take a special man to get through to her heart. Over the course of one Christmas, this headstrong woman will face the challenge of a lifetime: Saving the farm and facing the man, now a famous country singer, who left her so many years ago.





Mason Wyatt
(Alan Powell)

A Pine Valley native, Mason Wyatt is Shelby’s first and only love, but he left at an early age to pursue his dream of being a Country music singer and songwriter. Not only did he attain his goal, he exceeded it, becoming a superstar, making the ladies swoon with his good looks and country swagger. But the spotlight has a way of blinding some stars, making them forget where they came from. Now, Mason’s career is on the wane, and he sorely needs a comeback. So he returns to his roots for inspiration, and just may discover what’s really important in life.






Wade Haygood
(Barry Corbin)

With his quick wit and small town charm, Wade Haygood is a salt-of-the-earth kind of guy. He has a strong, loving bond with his daughter, Shelby. Where she is driven, he is more laid back. He’s friendly, has a sense of humor and is full of hope for the future, in spite of the dire circumstances his farm has fallen into. Still he is a dreamer, a believer in miracles, wise and compassionate with a sly, kind of fun-loving, impish streak!







Trish Greene
(Jill Wagner)

Trish and Shelby go way back, best friends since Junior High. She is Shelby’s most trusted confidante. They’ve been through a lot together over their long friendship. Trish is lively, deeply entrenched in her southern roots and full of personality and life. She is sassy, loves a bit of harmless gossip and is always good for an uplifting, funny remark.








Annie Haygood
(Rebecca Koon)

Sweet-natured Annie is the heart of the family farm, preparing, by hand, all the baked goods, jams, jellies and crafts the Haygoods sell at markets and to stores. Like most mothers, Annie is very protective of her daughter. She wants happiness for Shelby, but above all else, will do anything to prevent her child from being hurt, especially when it comes to romance. Annie is opinionated, a realist and will hold a grudge if she feels Shelby’s heart is in danger of being broken. But, she is also quick to forgive when she feels it is deserved.









Bud Walker
(Greg Alan Williams)

Bud is the Mayor of Pine Valley and the owner of the town hardware store that doubles as a grocery store. He loves a good crossword puzzle.









Ralph Baxter
(Brett Rice)

Ralph Baxter is the new owner of the Pine Valley Savings & Loan Bank. His passion in life is wealth.











DJ Baley
(Danny Vinson)

As his name implies, Baley is the local radio DJ. A kind, funny, friendly character, he has a complete understanding of the pulse of the town.